Noora-Maria Ahl

Noora-Maria Ahl


Specializing Physician in health psychology

Matti Vanhanen

Matti Vanhanen

Specialist psychologist in neuropsychology

(Neuropsychological studies of adults)


45 min. reception 75 €

60 min. reception 90 €

Remote appointment 30 min: 49 €

Remote appointment 45 min: 60 €

Remote appointment 60 min: 72 €

The 16,50 € office and Kanta-charge will be added to appointment price.

We are adaptable with changes of plans but we appeal you to cancel your appointment at latest 12 hours before the appointment, otherwise we charge 50 % of the appointment fee. If the appointment is not cancelled and the patient does not show up, the full appointment fee is charged.