Health Center

Customer payments at Kuopio Health Centers:

Reception for general practitioner EUR 20.60

The fee will be charged for the first three visits, so it will cost a maximum of € 61.80 per year.
The reception fee will not be charged to people under the age of 18 or to persons with military-, militaryservice- or veteran IDs.

Reception of Physiotherapist and Nutritionist € 11.40

The reception fee will not be charged to people under the age of 18 or to persons with military-, militaryservice- or veteran IDs.

Medical statements range from EUR 38.60 to 50.80
Driving license EUR 61.00
Unpaid and unused reception time is 50.80 euros

The customer fees for social and health services are based on the law on Social and Health Care (734/1992 and 912/1992).

Private Health Clinic

An Appointment of General Practitioner or Specializing Physician

20 min: Mondays to Fridays 56 €, Saturdays 65 €, Sundays 79 €

30 min: Mondays to Fridays 65 €, Saturdays 79 €, Sundays 98 €

45 min: Mondays to Fridays 84 €, Saturdays 89 €, Sundays 110 €

60 min: Mondays to Fridays 98 €, Saturdays 110 €, Sundays 125 €

Telephone Consultation: 25 €

An Appointment of a Specialist

20 min: Mondays to Fridays 89 €, Saturdays 95 €, Sundays 105 €

30 min: Mondays to Fridays 95 €, Saturdays 105 €, Sundays 120 €

45 min: Mondays to Fridays 120 €, Saturdays 135 €, Sundays 145 €

60 min: Mondays to Fridays 135 €, Saturdays 145 €, Sundays 155 €

Psychotherapist: First visit 100 € / 60 min.; follow-up visits 80 € / 60 min.

Telephone Consultation: 30 €

Prices after Kela compensation. We will directly deduct the price from the Kela compensation.

Measurements (for example, cremation, coagulation, leveling, nail removal, wound sewing, gynecological procedures, ultrasound, ear, nose and throat procedures and sampling) will be charged according to a separate price list. Possible pathologist’s opinion or laboratory examination will be billed separately.

Certificates and Reports

Prices for certificates and statements will be charged in addition to the received reception time.

SVA 15 €

D: 15 €

T: 25 €

Driving license: 65 €

Driving license for over 70-year-olds: 85 €

B: 75 €

C: 120 €

E: 96 €

Prescription: 1,50 € / medication

Renewal of a prescription: 17,50 €

You may renew a prescription by booking an appointment for a telephone consultation. If needed, the physician invites you to an appointment at the clinic.

The 14,50 € office and Kanta-charge will  be added to appointment price. 

The charged presented here are minimum prices and may differ according to the physician. Please note that the appointment length should include writing the patient file documents and referrals, etc.

Materials and equipments may be charged in addition.

You may find the charges of Synlab here:

In addition to the appointment fee, there are no additional charges on the diagnostic referrals.

Payment is made by invoice that you will receive from the reception.

We are adaptable with changes of plans but we appeal you to cancel your appointment at latest 12 hours before the appointment, otherwise we charge 50 % of the appointment fee. If the appointment is not cancelled and the patient does not show up, the full appointment fee is charged.