Reetta Lähderinne

Reetta Lähderinne


Physical therapy for musculoskeletal problems

Physiotherapy of Urogenital Symptoms


Health center

The physiotherapist’s health center reception € 11.40

The reception fee will not be charged to people under the age of 18 or to persons with military, military-service or veteran IDs.

Unpaid and unused reception time is 50.80 euros.

Freedom of choice experiment on Healthcare services includes two visits to physiotherapy.

Private Appointment

45 min. reception € 57

60 min. reception € 65

Prices after Kela compensation. We will directly deduct the price from the Kela compensation.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy electrode 25 €, added if needed for the first physiotherapy visit.

TENS Therapy for Pain Relief, home loan 15 € / wk

Electric device for pelvic floor failure, home loan 15 € / week

The 14,50 € office and Kanta-charge will be added to appointment price.

We are adaptable with changes of plans but we appeal you to cancel your appointment at latest 12 hours before the appointment, otherwise we charge 50 % of the appointment fee. If the appointment is not cancelled and the patient does not show up, the full appointment fee is charged.